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Can I use my Idea connection when I am travelling out of my local region?

Yes, you can. There are 2 types of roaming services that Idea provides.
  • National roaming: Allows you to use your Idea connection within India
  • International roaming: Allows you to use your Idea connection while travelling overseas
Roaming services are subject to availability of tie-ups with local networks in the location you’re travelling to.

How can I activate national roaming on my Idea number?

National roaming is activated by default on all Idea Postpaid and Prepaid connections. In case you have deactivated the national roaming service on Postpaid, you can request reactivation by following one of these methods:
  • Visit hudsonoddities.com, sign into ‘Self-care? select my ‘Postpaid?and choose the ‘My Plans & Services?option. From the list of services, select ‘National Roaming?and click on ‘Activate?
  • Call our toll-free number at 198 from your Idea connection.

What are the charges for national roaming?

You don’t have to pay any rental charge for national roaming. Only standard roaming usage charges are applicable, based on the circle. For details on national roaming rates, click here.

You can save on national roaming charges by picking a roaming pack. Click here for more details.

In which parts of India can I use Idea’s roaming services?

Idea has one of the widest networks in the country, with coverage in all major towns and cities.

You can use Idea’s roaming services to stay connected with your family and friends, no matter where you are.

To see the list of coverage areas, click here.

How can I activate international roaming?

Typically, international roaming is activated by default on all Idea numbers. In case you have deactivated the international roaming service on your Postpaid connection, you can request for reactivation by using one of the following methods:
  • Visit hudsonoddities.com, click on ‘Self-care? select my ‘Postpaid?and choose the ‘My Plans & Services?option. From the list of services, select ‘International Roaming?and click on ‘Activate?
  • Call 198, our toll-free number from your Idea connection.
  • Visit your nearest Idea service centre. To locate the nearest centre, click here.
Note: To activate international roaming on your Postpaid connection, you may have to go through additional verification and/or pay an additional deposit.

What are the charges for international roaming?

  • Roaming usage charges are based on the location where you are travelling to, the roaming network used and the kind of usage (local/ ISD calls, SMS or data usage). Click here for details on international roaming charges.
  • You have to pay a monthly rental to activate international roaming on your Postpaid connection. Prepaid customers have to pay a rental only when using the international roaming service.
  • You can save up to 95% on data and up to 80% on voice calls when you choose an international roaming pack. Click here for more details on these packs.

How will I know if my Idea connection will work when I am travelling abroad?

You can use your Idea connection while roaming internationally in all the countries where Idea has a partner network. For a detailed list of coverage areas and local networks that we have partnered with, click here.

How can I start using my Idea connection when I am roaming?

On reaching the roaming destination, you will automatically get a signal from the visiting network, if present. It may take about 3 to 5 minutes to latch on to a network.
If you do not get connected automatically, you can manually select a network from your handset’s settings menu. To do this, just select the manual mode from the network selection menu and choose a network that Idea has a tie up with.

How can I contact customer care while roaming within India?

You can dial 12345 from your Idea connection when roaming. Please note that calls to the IVR are toll-free, but speaking to agent will cost you Rs.0.50/3 minutes.

You can also call the 10-digit call centre number for your home region using a non-Idea number or a landline. This call will be charged according to STD call charges depending the location and the number that you are calling from.

Will my incoming messages be charged while roaming in India or abroad?

No, all incoming SMSes will be free while roaming nationally as well as internationally. However, you will have to pay for incoming calls and data downloads.

Do I require a special kind of handset while roaming internationally?

Typically, your handset will be compatible with the frequency of the network of the country you are travelling to. To check the network frequency, click here.
While roaming in Korea and Japan, make sure that your handset is 3G (2100MHz) compatible as networks in these countries offer 3G services only.

Can I call customer care while roaming internationally?

Yes, you can call customer care while roaming internationally by dialling the relevant 10-digit customer care number. The short code, 12345, will not work. Please note that international roaming charges will be applicable when you make this call.

What are the charges for using GPRS/data internationally?

While roaming internationally, GPRS is charged as per international roaming rates. Please note, data usage is charged for upload as well as download. Click here for details of data roaming charges.

Why am I billed for roaming even when I have not used roaming services in the last billing cycle?

Roaming is charged based on the data sent by the roaming operator. Sometimes this data is received post the generation of your bill. So, it appears in the next month’s bill.

Is there any important information that I need to keep in mind while roaming internationally?

Rely on this checklist for all the important information.
  • Remember to check if your handset is compatible in the country you are travelling to.
  • You can avoid unnecessary calls while roaming by using the roaming dialer tone. Find out more .
  • To economise, we suggest that you cancel the call forward facility when you’re roaming. This is because if it is active, you are charged double ISD—once for the incoming call, and once for diverting it to a different number. Besides, certain international roaming partners do not support call divert.
  • While on international roaming, the full number may not be displayed on your handset for certain incoming calls due to technical reasons. These numbers will be listed in your monthly bill.
  • Remember to enter phone numbers according to the dialing pattern of the country or city that you are in. To make things easier, store numbers in the international format. Eg: + 44 97 5632 3333 (Enter ??followed by the country code, area code and the phone number)
  • Data usage charges while on international roaming are applicable as per international roaming tariff. To avoid excessive data roaming charges, enable ‘Data Roaming?on your handset only when you want to use data services.
  • Activities such as updating your Facebook status, BBM, WhatsApp, downloading emails may be restricted.
  • While roaming with AT&T Cellular, USA, a charge is applied for unanswered mobile originated calls for a duration that is greater than 29 seconds, as per the applicable rates. While roaming with T-Mobile USA, a charge is applicable for unanswered mobile originated calls at applicable rates.
  • Some operators charge additional GPRS charges for connecting to the visited network even if there is no usage. This appears in the bill as charges against 0Kb usage.